Tuesday, February 26, 2008


A couple quick thoughts on the now defunct Yao and the Rockets:
  • How come nobody is mentioning Zydrunas Ilgauskas? didn't he go through, and eventually get over, all these repeat foot breaks? Yao should call that guy.
  • This could be the greatest oppurtunity of T-Mac's career. If he can singlehandedly carry this team into the playoffs, and then..(CHECK THIS)..and then will his team to a first round upset! Wow, how bout that huh?!
  • In reality the Rockets are screwed.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Welcome Back, Welcome Back, Welcome Back...

Yoooo...It feels good to be back. Not a hundred percent sure why I lwft in the first place. But I guess first thing's first. The Western Conference Arms Race. And yes that was my term first, so fuck anybody on ESPN who feels original stealing my shit...Chris Sheridan.

Pau! I mean what more is there to say. And I know I'm late on this, but if you've watched an Laker games, Pau fits into the triangle like no big man we've ever seen. Honestly think about Phil and the triangle, and big men, and you come up with memories of Bill Cartwright, Luc Longley, Bison Dele, and at it's best, Shaq. So okay, this uber-young Andrew Bynum fits right in there. But what happens when you add Pau? A seven-footer who naturally plays the 4, he can shoot out to 20 ft., handles the ball, and can pass as well as any big man in the game. And he's your 4.

Understand this, the triangle was made for a Russell/Wilt type big man. Now plug in Pau and Bynum.

Understand this, the triangle was perfected by an unstoppable guard. AKA Micahael Jordan. Now plug in Kobe.

Anybody remember back to 04-05? It was the Spurs first post-Robinson Championship, and it was obvious that Manu was tired of being shitted on by Kobe. Manu made the same leap in 04-05 as Parker made last year. Think about it. Remember how that Manu was shittin on cats, dunkin all over the place? Except now it's '08 and Manu is playing like '05 Playoff Ginobili. Plus Kurt Thomas is sweet As a Laker fan, the Spurs are the only team that scare me. They actually have players to matchup with Pau, Bynum and Kobe. Lamar will be the difference, one way or another.
Anybody remember what Bonzi did to the Spurs two years ago in Sacto? Bowen couldn't guard him. Manu couldn't guard him. And Duncan wasn't even interested in trying. Well the team with the best record in the West just got Bonzi, plus Mike James who was on that championship Piston team. If I were a Spurs fan I'd be scared. As a Laker fan I have four words. Kobe, Odom, Pau, Bynum.
Believe it or not, I like the Shaq deal. Understand he's never gonna be Laker Shaq again. But Shaq is still Shaq. Just like grant Hill will never be Detroit Grant Hill, but he's still Grant Hill, when healthy. Over the course of a 7 game series can Shaq win one game? Can Grant? Can Nash? Can Amare? Well yeah, that's 4 games...
Fuck Dallas!
And that's on the real. That's a bitch ass team, and it all starts with Dirk. Kidd ain't gonna change Dirk. So that team is stil screwed. Period.
Fuck T-Mac!
For real! He's on some real Garnett shit. Mr. Hollow Numbers can't carry a team. And Yao is his protege. And Rick Adelman! Ha! Van Gundy is rolling in his grave. Win a series then hit me back.
is actually sweet. I like that team. They don't scare the Lakers or Spurs, but they can beat everybody else. In the East, they'd make it to the Finals.
The Nuggets just plain suck. Nobody is scared of them, and they aren't getting out of the first round. Period.