Thursday, May 24, 2007

Addendum: Lebron

Two clutch, game-time situations. Two major choke jobs. So far LBJ has exhausted option1 (get rid of the ball a.s.a.p.), and option2 (dribble for way too long then blame the refs) on the v.i.n.c.e. chart for crunch time choking. He's obviously a tremendous student. Watch out for option3 (the deep j) when the series returns to Cleveland. By the way, how is the most physically gifted athlete in the League complaining about incidental contact? Is this the same guy who often claims to be a football player at heart? Hell, isn't it the same guy who earlier in the same game took a crossbody slap from Rip Hamilton and still finished with a lefty layup? But then come the end game and he's thrown off by a little brush on the tummy? Fuck this, Lebron gets the gasface and he joins the Blacklist. Lookout Dirk, there's a new #1.

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