Tuesday, May 8, 2007

The NBA is the Shit!

I hate to do this, but I have to disagree with one of my favorite bloggers. BILL SIMMONS YOU'RE FLAT OUT WRONG. All season the Sports Guy has been complaining about how weak the league is, when that argument is about as bogus as all the Clements supporters who curse Bonds. The NBA is as strong as it's ever been, at least in the West. Last year's playoffs were amongst the best ever during my 28 years. And this year ( the West, at least) bounced back strong as ever. Dallas, while a huge bust, could matchup favorably with any non-championship franchise since the days of Russell and Chamberlain. So yes I'd put money, after a few drinks, on Dirk's squad against any non Magic, Bird, Moses, MJ, Isiah, Hakeem, Kobe, Shaq, Duncan team. San Antonio deserves talk as a legitimate Dynasty. Phoenix (who I hate!) can beat pretty much any team ever that doesn't come out with a real serious focus on stopping them. Houston has two Hall of Famers in it's lineup. Utah is more dangerous than any of those Stockton-Malone teams. Denver has a top 4 (AI, Melo, Camby, Nene) that can matchup with anybody. And that's all without mentioning the best player in the league (Kobe), the NBA's greatest Cinderella ever (Golden State), or anybody in the East. If you watched more than just your local station and ESPN then there's no way you can say the NBA is worse than it was throughout the 90's. In fact, I'll argue that we are finally getting back to the "Build a team, win a ring" days of the 80's where it wasn't about one or two franchise guys, it was about being 15 strong. Come on Sports Guy, we all know ESPN is more interested in being Paris Hilton than Tiger Woods, but I expect more out of you. Jemele, please check ya boy!

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