Monday, May 14, 2007

What's the Big Deal?

OK. Real Quick. What's the difference between Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens? Seriously, right now, hit the comment button and tell me. Because I see no difference. Neither has failed a drug test. Both have been fingered in steroids probes. Both were Hall of Famers before Steroids. And both have moved into the 'Greatest Ever' debate since steroids. Both have grown physically larger, and have shown an overpowering dominance that others of their age have lacked. So what's the difference? Please, I need to know.

Kinda like what's the difference between a pain killing injection and an anabolic steroid? Both are performance enhancing drugs, and both can be legal, depending on what you take. Honestly, a vitamin or a protein shake is performance enhancing, so is coffee and/or massive amounts of candy. Red Bull makes commercials claiming to enhance performance. As does Viagra, as a matter of fact.

So we can, but Barry can't?

So Shawn Merriman can, but Barry can't?

So Roger Clemens can, but Barry can't?

Talk to me people.

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