Wednesday, May 2, 2007

A Few Good Rules

Black-ball (blāk'bôl') Pronunciation Key n.
1.A negative vote, especially one that blocks the admission of an applicant to an organization.
2.A small black ball used as a negative ballot.
trans. verb. black·balled, black·ball·ing, black·balls
1.To vote against, especially to veto the admission of.
2.To shut out from social or commercial participation; ostracize or boycott. black'ball'er n.

That's right, this site is not for the weakhearted, if you don't bring your A-game you will be ostracized and/or boycotted. Nobody wants that. How to avoid this you ask?

a) Always come strapped. Blackballed is a celebration of strength and achievement. Weakness will not be tolerated (Yes, we're talking to you Dirk).

b) Keep it clean. While we will always talk shit, it will be on a purely professional level. So while you may be told to eat shit and die, we'd never say it in front of your mom.

c) Steve Nash is a whiteboy. Take it as it is. Race is an identifying characteristic. That's it. So by calling Nash a whiteboy the only thing I'm saying is that he'll get more play from girls who like whiteboys than he would from girls who like Asian guys. Make sense? So it's totally Ok by us to call a young woman a nappy headed ho, so long as she is known to be promiscuous and rarely combs her hair. Actually that description could also fit Shawn Kemp, but moving on...

Bottomline we wanna run this blog like good sex: hard and clean. So you can slap all the ass you want, just don't burn anyone!

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